Structured xml editing

What is neoxml?

neoxml is a new take on xml editing and authoring. A skinnable user interface with full control of the xml structure based on a ruleset.


xml authoring with a dark skin

xml authoring with a light skin

Image and asset management


Can neoxml be used for editing Jats and other formats?

Short answer: Yes, it can!

Some adjustments and element mapping will be needed for new rulesets. For the best editing flow, we recommend a ruleset that does not allow for block level elements to be placed inline.

How big files does neoxml handle?

Neoxml can handle huge xml files. A good structure provide a quick and fluent user experience.

Can it be integrated with other systems?

Yes, neoxml can be used in many ways, both stand alone and as a content delivery system for other systems and services like indesign, framemaker, a third party cms and more.

Does it support custom modules?

Neoxml is built to be extended. Custom modules can be added to handle any additional task.

Can I use neoxml as a dms?

Yes, with a very user friendly document, image and asset system you can use it as a dms or even a cms!

What are the typical use cases for neoxml?

While neoxml can handle any xml editing and much more, the most common use cases are:

  • Book authoring
  • Magazine authoring
  • Documentation authoring
  • User manual authoring
  • Dynamic pdf generation
Does authors need a powerful computer to use it?

Neoxml is very fast and work nice and responsive on slower systems.


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